Monday, 15 November 2010

Mouret dress: Fitting number 3

Today we had the last fitting for the Mouret inspired dress. I forgot to take photos of the final dress fitting and to mention how the second fitting went but there were only a few minor alterations to be made which I think I've got in hand. These included altering the toile to accommodate swayback, widening the hip area and curving in the princess seam at the neckline. I've really learnt a lot about the numerous subtle alterations which have to be made in order to achieve a really great fitting dress and it makes me have even more of an appreciation for couture fashion designers who create perfectly fitting garments for their clients and do it all by by hand!

We also bought the fabric (a lovely turquoise poly satin) and notions we need for the final dress so I'm just about ready to get going! The last thing I need to do is create extra pattern pieces for the lining pieces and the areas of the dress which are interfaced. I'll document the process of the final make up of this dress -I'm looking forward to seeing the final result! I don't regularly sew with satin fabrics so if anyone has any tips about working with this type of slippery satin fabric I'll be happy to hear them. Off to work I go!

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