Saturday, 13 November 2010

Make all your clothes for a year!

I've just come across this amazing art and research project which involved fashion designer Natalie Purschwitz making all her clothes, socks, shoes, coats, jackets, hats, bathing suits, accessories and even underwear for a year! Yes a year! while trying to live her normal day to day life. She set herself two simple rules:

1. My entire wardrobe will be made by me out of new or used materials.
2. I don't have to make my materials, however, I will aspire to do so whenever possible.

She has documented the project on her blog Makeshift. While undertaking the project Natalie continued to run her own clothing line called Hunt & Gather which features her beautifully designed clothing and accessories.

(pictures courtesy of Makeshift)

It's great to see all the wonderfully interesting garments and shoes she has created over that 365 day period. What a great inspiration to encourage us to make more of our own things in this throwaway age! I'm really interested in how she made her shoes, I've always wondered how easy that would be to do and also find the appropriate tools to do so. I may just have a try sometime soon. It would be great to set a similar creative project for myself one day- maybe not making my own underwear, but perhaps just seeing whether I could make all the outer garments I needed to wear? Maybe one day. But in the meantime I'm totally inspired to try and make rather than buy more of my own and my family's clothing and accessories.

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