Thursday, 9 September 2010

The rise of the cupcake

Mmmm I love cupcakes and I just had to blog about this one which my good friend Sue gave to me yesterday as a taster. Cupcakes are the new 'it' cake to have at a special event like a birthday or wedding. I've noticed quite a few new companies which focus on selling cupcakes like Lolas and The little Cupcake Company . My friend Sue has also set up a homemade cupcake business, and she's looking to supply the Huddersfield, West Yorkshire area. Her new website will be up and running soon.

All her cakes are brilliant and this taster she gave me tasted good indeed! It might look like a simple cupcake but actually it consisted of a yummy fruity surprise - a raspberry right in the centre of a lovely moist lemon syrup sponge and a quality butter cream topping. I'm hoping I'll get a few more tasters!

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