Monday, 4 October 2010

A bright blue day...

You wouldn't believe that we're in October from the photos above. It looks like the height of summer! Well today it definitely felt like July in West Yorkshire. And although we spent a short while enjoying the 'out of season' heat there was still lots of sewing to do. I'm currently working on the Autumn collection which I hope will be ready by mid to late October, but I'll post about it more soon.

In the meantime one of my last orders was an Eluned skirt for my husband's niece Lois. I had to redesign the Eluned skirt to incorporate an elastic waistband so Lois had lots of growing room. This was quite tricky as I was unsure whether the gather at the waistline would spoil the pleat design of the Eluned skirt but in the end it worked out well (I found great instructions for putting in a half elastic waistband here) and Lois is very happy with her pink floral skirt.

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