Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Burda tunic into skirt and apron

Here are pics of an apron remake I underwent when I made a major mistake when making up a maternity dress. I happen to find a great free tunic pattern (E971) on the Burda World of Fashion website which had a simple rounded yoke and a easy fitting bodice area- perfect for my ever growing bump. I made quite a few of these dresses, mainly using jersey fabric but I wanted to try a version using a lovely navy and white dotted fabric I had bought from a nearby fabric shop. However I made a major mistake when cutting out the fabric and alas when I went back to see if they had any more- they were sold out!

Anyway (like many unfinished projects I have), I placed all the remaining pattern pieces I had cut into my fabric cupboard until very recently. I still really loved this fabric so I decided to make an apron and a nice little skirt for Niah, and here are the results.

Niah's skirt was a really simple rectangle shape which has been gathered at the top with elastic.
I included little square pockets with a mini gather at the middle and bias bound the top with plain navy linen. I love how you don't need very much fabric in order to make a nice simple piece of clothing for your little one. I'm hoping to use up some of the smaller pieces of nice fabric I have on clothes for Niah. My apron was also a very simple rectangle shape, with triangular box pleat pockets.


  1. Thanks for the comment Lauren!

  2. Well Niah is gorgeous (I could have sworn you have a boy)and that little skirt you've made makes her adorable!
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my inspiration!

  3. oooh, she's so cute! I wasn't sure if Niah was a girl- or boy-name (it's cute though!) when you first wrote it a Burdastyle, but now I can clearly see she's a girl :-).
    Really nice clothes, and how much fun to get to make matching outfits! There are whole japanese pattern books dedicated to mum + daugher fashion, adorable.

  4. Haha thanks guys people still think she is a boy- even when we go out and she's dressed in pink! ha I guess it will be like that until she grows her hair!! Yeah I want to buy those japanese books/magazines Karin but I have to hold myself back from spending or else....I might get into trouble:)

  5. Hi Bola!
    I love your site so much!
    I can't believe how big little Niah is getting. It seems like yesterday she was a newborn. Ahh!

    What a great idea to make the skirt and apron! I have a tunic that has a great pattern but horrible design that I am still deciding what to make of with it. You're giving me some ideas.

  6. Thanks Elizabeth! Sorry I didn't see your comment until now! Have you made something new from your tunic?bx


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